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Questions About Filling Out the Form?

This video shows you how to order your highlight reel with the form above.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Highlight Video?

Here are some examples of what you could create:

  • Season highlight video for a team
  • Season highlight video for a player
  • Tournament highlight video for a team
  • End of season coach’s gift

This is not intended to be a recruiting video for soccer recruiting. You could use this video as the basis for a recruiting video but you’d probably want more time and thought into a recruiting reel. We use a great company that does college recruiting videos, email us if you’d like to meet them – score@easysportsvideo.com

What’s the Cost?

The service is in beta, we are testing it out. For the first 10 teams it’s $50 per highlight video, but the price will go up once we work out the kinks.

How do I pay?

This is cool, you don’t pay unless you’re happy. We create your video in the 4 step process at the top of the page. If you like the end result we send you an invoice and you pay. If you’re not happy, you don’t have to buy it so no risk to you.

What does the finished video look like?

We’ll offer some samples soon. Of course there’s no cost to you if you don’t like the final video so give it a try.

Which games are the Clips from?

Right now it pulls from the last 20 games. We can work with you to pull from more games or less games.

Do I have to generate the clips myself?

You do need to have clips of what you want included.

If you’re using an automated system like Veo and Veo Analytics it’ll have already clipped out the goals and plays for you.

If you have all of your clips from Trace, Pixellot, or Hudl we can work from you as well but it will take longer.

Having only the whole game footage not work with this easy highlight system.

Can we generate clips out of a whole game for you?

If that’s something you’re interested in email us and we’ll refer you to a good service but it’s not something we offer right now.

How can We create it so fast?

We met some soccer Elves at the last World Cup in Qatar who were looking for ways to use their soccer video skills…… Kidding. I would explain it here except every time I start describing it to my wife and kids they get that thousand yard stare until I finish so I’ll save you the boring  technical explanation…. I think it’s cool though.

What if the video is not inside of Veo?

The turnaround times you see work if your clips are in Veo. We can work with other clips as well but it will take longer if they’re not inside of the Veo system.

What does a highlight video include?

The video system will become more customizable over time but right now you can specify:

  • Opening image 
  • Custom title
  • Closing image
  • Closing title

There’s are transitions between each video and an audio soundtrack played over the video.

Can I include player photos in between clips?

It’s not part of the basic video but if you have additional photos you’d like to include we can add them.

Can I choose my own soundtrack?

It’s not part of the basic video but if you have the mp3 file we can use it. If the music is copyrighted it may run into copyright issues if published publicly on YouTube or other sites.

Can I remove the soundtrack?

It’s not part of the basic video if you would prefer no music over the video we can create the video without it.

Can I remove the transitions?

It’s not part of the basic video but if you would prefer no transitions and have one clip start after another we can create the video without transitions.

Can I include a caption on each clip?

It’s not part of the basic video but if you would want to add captions on clips we can work with you.

What’s the Maximum # of clips / Maximum video length?

We’re pretty flexible, we’ll figure it out as we go. For now let’s say up to 20 clips or 8 minutes.


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Why Easy Soccer Highlights?

Lifting a trophy at the end of a busy tournament weekend is rewarding!

Wouldn’t you love a highlight reel to share on Monday morning?

Of course come Sunday night you’ve spent all weekend watching/driving/cheering.

You’re too tired/busy to make a highlight reel.

Ever since we began this business our goal has been to make sports video easier for soccer moms and dads.

One of our big requests has been around getting video out of clips out of what you record. So fill out this form above and get started.